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Playback Restrictions


By default, videos made with the recordSDK have unique urls. They can be played back at and anywhere that Loom embeds are supported. With playback restrictions, you can provide a list of domains for your application and the videos saved to your application’s workspace can only be played back in those domains. Although playback is restricted, the video title and preview image may still appear in some embeds. The restriction doesn’t apply to all the video data, but only playback.

Note for SDK Standard applications: Playback restrictions will only apply to guest recordings. If a user is logged into their Loom account while making a recording on your application, that recording will be saved to the user’s Loom account. Your application’s playback restrictions will not apply to it. For secure sharing, the user can configure sharing settings for their videos.


The restrictions can only be configured at the application level and apply to all videos in that application’s workspace.

This feature can be enabled in the developer portal and the allow list can also be edited there. By providing a list, playback for your application's videos will be restricted.

Playback Restrictions in Developer Portal