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SDK Custom


SDK Custom is in open beta

SDK Custom provides the infrastructure to add asynchronous video into your own application. With SDK Custom, you can:

  • Add camera and screen recording functionality to your application, with your custom UI.
  • Instantly embed and playback the recording.
  • Manage the videos created through SDK Custom.

How is SDK Custom different than SDK Standard?​

If you are looking for a Loom integration, we recommend the SDK Standard. If you want to add async video to your application natively, then we recommend the SDK Custom. The full differences are:

SDK StandardSDK Custom
Loom BrandingFully Loom branded.Minimally Loom branded, with option to remove Loom branding.
UI CustomizationThere are basic style hooks provided to edit font, button colors, and customize some recording options.The UI will be fully composable so the design and experience can be native to your application.
Loom Sign-upEnd users are encouraged to sign up for Loom. There is a sign-up wall after they create 5 guest recordings.End users never see a Loom sign-up option.
Loom Sign-inEnd users can sign into Loom via SDK Standard.There is no signed-in Loom experience with SDK Custom.
Video OwnershipVideos created by signed-in users will be saved to the user’s Loom account and be managed directly by the user.

Guest recordings are saved to the application’s workspace and managed by the developer.
All the videos created will be saved to the application’s workspace and be managed by the developer. See here for details.
Billing & PricingThis is free for developers.

End users are billed directly if they choose to sign up and upgrade their Loom accounts to a paid tier.
This is paid for developers.

See below for pricing. End users do not have to pay at any stage.

All recordings made through your platform are saved to your own application workspace (learn more). In contrast to SDK Standard, end users don’t need Loom accounts at any stage.

Open beta limitations​

SDK Custom currently has the following limitations:

  • Though we have a robust platform, formal SLAs are not published at this stage.
  • There is limited UI configuration available and it will have a small amount of Loom branding on the post-record preview screen.

Pricing and billing​


We are not currently planning on billing customers. We are committed to the following pricing and will provide at least a month’s notice before we turn on billing.

SDK Custom offers the following usage based pricing:

Creation$0.05 per minute of video created (recorded or uploaded)
Storage$0.001 per minute of video stored per month

For example, if a developer creates 5,000 minutes of videos in Month 1 and none in Months 2 and 3, and stores those videos for three months, the total cost will be:

Month 1Month 2Month 3
Minutes of videos created500000
$0.05 per minute of video created$250$0$0
$0.001 per minute of video stored$5$5$5

Getting started​

Follow the getting started guide here.

Help and support​

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